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Is currently seeking sponsorship on behalf of
The Malave Racing Team

for the 2001 nascar2.gif - 2.39 K Featherlite Modified Tour.

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The Malave Racing Team with its already impressive winning track record will help you put your advertising dollars to effective use in a way proven to get unrivaled results.

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Sponsoring nascar2.gif - 10.52 K Events will bring incredible exposure to your business. Join the ever increasing number of companies who continue to benefit from sponsorship.

Gone are the days of only automobile-related sponsors. An ever widening array of products are being successfully marketed via racing, and Fortune 500 and other companies are quickly realizing this.

Companies such as:
Acer Computer,Ryder Rental,hp_logo.gif - 1.75 K Quaker State, Coca Cola, kmart.gif - 1.61 K Kelloggs,Gillette, Anheuser Busch, blckbstr.gif - 2.77 K McDonalds,HomeDepot-logo.gif - 1007 Bytes, Hardee's, Wendy's, Snap-on Tools,First Union Bank,True Value Hardware,fordlogo.gif -5.28 K Entrepreneur Magazine, Hanes' Hosiery, Eastman Kodak, Sony, Pepsi, bridgfir.gif - 2.29 K Mattel Toys, AT&T, and Sherwin-Williams.
(just to name a few.)
For an incredibly affordable percentage of your advertising budget you will get exposure unmatched by any single media.

To find out how your company can join the thrilling and profitable world of racing sponorship

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